Japanese car servicing and parts

As part of our vision to bring knowledge about Japanese car models, their parts, and how to service them, here is a comprehensive guide that will help you know and understand Japanese car models, assuring you that it’s not that hard to own an imported Japanese car.

Car Servicing for Japanese Cars

The first obstacle for owners and car mechanics in dealing with imported car models is the manual. Usually, this comes in their native language and seldom in English. Sometimes, they tend to roughly translate the manual to English, which doesn’t make sense most of the time. For this, you can do alternative researches about your car service.

Check on the internet to see if there are owner’s forums that are active. You can find answers to inquiries or gain pointers through reading some topics on the forum with regards to your concern.

You can check for car models that share the same engine or drivetrain or both. This way, you can search for a service schedule for the model counterpart and using it to guide your car servicing.

If an English translation for your car manual is available online or in car shops, take advantage of it.

Check some parts of your car and observe familiar keynotes or stickers dotted around the chassis and parts.

If all else fails, a highly-skilled and experienced mechanic can help you get a servicing schedule that suits you.

Car Parts for Japanese Car Models

The secret to easy identification of the needed Japanese car part is its product/part number. This can be fairly challenging, but the process of obtaining the car part becomes easier when you have identified it and locate a similar one that would still work on your imported car model.

Looking for the Part Number

To know the part number of the car part that you need, the first step is to look at that part to be replaced. You can check the following items:

  • A readable part number
  • A product model number
  • Information printed on the plastic surface or steel surface

In checking these items, you can now identify the part number, and it becomes easier for you to source a new part for your Japanese car.

You can also check the owners’ forum for your car model and search for a similar thread that could help you get to know the part number you needed. If you have brought your car to a mechanic, he or she will be the one to source the needed part/s for you.

Purchasing the Part

You can check the following in order to purchase the needed car part:

  • Car part suppliers or car parts market within your locale
  • Online stores for car parts and engines
  • Car model store overseas

You can also check our website if we have the car part or engine that you need.