Trucking Jobs Get a Break

On the Road Again: Trucking Jobs Get a Break

Are you one of the millions of Americans that have been laid off from the recession? Maybe its time you get truckin’. All you need a best trucking software for your truck. CNN reports that the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals has stated that the trucking industry in the United States will be hiring close to 400,000 jobs over the next two years. The report was sponsored by popular trucking company Penske Logistics, and written by Rosalyn Wilson, who also related the fact that “It’s not a very attractive profession.”

Although it may not be a very attractive profession, truck drivers tend to make far higher salaries than other professions that do not require any post-high school education. And, does its attraction matter? With so many people out of jobs in the US, there are many that are willing to do whatever it takes to bring home the bacon.

Some cities across the United States are now seeing a shortage of job applicants, which brings about one of the few job surpluses that the country has seen in the last three years. This is a great sign for those who hold a Class A license, as many might get back to work before the year is over.

In the eyes of some, trucking is not a profession that is very desirable, although there are many truckers who love their job. There aren’t many other careers that allow you to see the United States, Canada, and Mexico, while earning an average yearly salary which rival jobs that require college degrees.

Trucking also gives one the freedom of eventually becoming his or her own boss as well. Many that begin their “over the road” careers with national companies go on to own their own rigs and become what is called an owner/operator. Once one achieves this independent status, he or she has the potential to earn six figures per year.

So, while there are those who believe that trucking may be beneath them or does not hold the glamour of other jobs, they may have a different perspective when all things are considered.

First, sitting in an office cubicle is really no different than driving a truck, although you have the option to turn your music up as loud as you want when you’re driving a rig.

Second, college graduates start out virtually making the same salary as those who drive trucks, although most of the college degree jobs are few and far between at the time.

Finally, the scenery can change everyday when you are traveling the road. When you are sitting in a cubicle pecking on a keyboard, the only scenery change you will see is when you flip the pages of your “Scenic Places of America” calendar each month.

Trucking may not be for everyone, and it takes a certain person to travel the open road day after day. However, it is a necessary job that offers those who don’t possess a higher education a chance to earn a solid salary while offering room for advancement. If this sounds like you, maybe you should look into trucking as your career.

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