Cleaning Granite Countertops

Caring for and Cleaning Granite Countertops

Ganite countertops are a nice alternative to laminate countertops and they do allow for more options when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing the surface. If you do proper stone care, granite countertops will last many years and will add beauty and style to the home. The hard, non-porous surface of granite countertops allows for nearly any chemical to be used on the countertop but there are certain chemicals that will provide the most luster and shine on the natural stone surface.

Scratchy or gritty cleaners should be avoided in order to prevent scratching of the granite countertops. Softscrub, Ajax or other gritty style cleaners should not be used on granite countertops. The best cleaners are those which are made especially for granite countertops or soap based cleaners that do not have any grit to them.

If the granite countertops have built up dirt, greese or grime on them, a scrubbing pad may be used on the surface. Never use a steel wool pad on granite countertops as these will scratch the finished surface of the granite. The best scrubbing pads to use on granite countertops are those slightly rough green pads that are often used to clean dishes. These synthetic pads will break down without breaking down the granite countertop finished surface.

Granite countertops should be cleaned with a non-abrasive cloth regularly in order to prevent dirt buildup. When dirt or sand builds on the granite countertop surface it acts as an abrasive and can cause scratches when items are moved across the granite countertops. If there is sand on the surface of the granite countertops it is important that you never drag a cloth or any other item across the surface as this will cause hairline type scratches in the granite finish thus reducing the luster of the countertop. Use a brush such as a floor brush to gently brush away sand before using a cloth to clean the granite countertop surface.

Hand buffers may be used along the granite countertop to effectively build the luster and remove any minor scratches that may be in the finish. Only use a hand buffer with a soft pad and the appropriate buffing compound on granite countertops. Certain granite cleaners and waxes will have instructions for buffing the granite countertops with the product. Always follow the manufacturers instructions when buffing granite countertops with a hand buffer.

Finally, once the granite countertops have been thoroughly cleaned and they have a new wax coat buffed onto them they can easily be kept up with soap and water. Remember to always dry any water or liquid from the granite countertops immediately in order to prevent water marks from remaining on the surface. Watermarks can reduce the luxurious shine and luster of granite countertops and they can be a hassle to buff out.

Maguire’s granite countertop surface wipes work wonders in between major cleanings. Keeping a jar of Maguire’s granite countertop surface wipes on hand will assure that your granite countertops maintain their luster and beauty for many years following the installation of the granite countertops in your home.

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