Things to Consider Before Donating Your Car

Just because you’re finally getting rid of an old car doesn’t mean that your responsibility ends there. You can read more about it here. Even the simplest act of donating your car to charity requires a detailed process that every car owner has to be aware of especially if they plan on switching cars every few decades or depending on what they want at the moment. But how does one donate cars to charity?

It is common knowledge that donating is way easier compared to selling the car yourself. But before anything else, here are a few important tips on what things you need to consider before donating your car to charity:

  • Research the Charity You Plan on Giving It To – If you plan on donating a used and old car, try looking up a charity of your choice. Check everything about their organization, legal papers, and public records. This is not just for the sake of the recipient of your donation. It is also for your protection as well. There had been past cases of fraud and scams linking charitable organizations so make sure that your chosen charity isn’t one of them.
  • Mind Your Taxes – Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations when it comes to car donations in your area. Also, keep receipts associated with your car donation before, during, and after the whole event. This is to make sure that you legally donated your car with no other strings attached to it.
  • Read About Your Rights and Responsibilities – This is the part where it gets a little technical. Before you even try to take part in the donation drive, please get acquainted with your legal rights and responsibilities when it comes to donating. Your tax info must be collected and recorded within the year of donating your car for record-keeping purposes in case the tax people come knocking at your door.

There are certain advantages that you can get from donating your car to charities compared to selling the vehicle yourself. One of them would be easing down the burden of taxes and stress of selling the car and having to dispose of it. They will normally even pick up the car from your location without having to bother to drive to them.

They can either sell the car at a car auction or have its parts sold off. The best-case scenario would be another individual getting a chance to own a car because they need it to get by. All in all, you get to donate cars to charity with a cause that you believe in!

Did you know that altruistic behavior, like donating to organizations or people in need, causes the human body to experience a positive feeling known as the “Helper’s High”? A person will get high from the feeling of helping, thus, boosting their morale and reflecting its effects on our biology, especially in our hormones. So, you see, getting rid of an old car isn’t the end as most people might put it. It is the beginning of one good deed from another.

One car at a time. Donate cars to charity.

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