Body Of Your Car

How To Paint The Body Of Your Car

Cars have a similar problem in that, the paint on their bodies will peel off more often. Bumping into objects is the key result of such minor damages. It is uneconomical to take your car to the garage whenever chipping occurs. If you know How To do priming even rusted metal, it will be an easy task when you decide to paint your car. The skills of doing paint repair to the outer body will increase your effectiveness and decency. The following actions are required when painting your car.

  1. Make the area clean

Check and carefully clean the area that has been damaged. Ensure you sand the surface so as to ensure you get enough space where the paint will build on. The trims around the surface to be painted should be removed. This eases your painting process so as to attain an even surface.

  1. Masking

You are not interested in other parts of the car but only where the chipping has occurred. It is essential to mask the unwanted surface so as to prevent unnecessary patches of paint. Do it carefully and ensure the mask surrounds the spot that has been damaged. Joints that are located in between the body panels should be sealed with a strip tape that is weather resistant. Such precautions are taken so as to prevent penetration of liquid paint into the said parts. A plastic knife is recommended when pushing the strip tape around the windshield or window moldings.

  1. Applying the paint

Ensure you have a spray gun so as to attain an even paint over the surface of your car. The original look of your car will be restored and the chip will not be visible anymore. Before moving the spray gun over the chip ensure it is already triggered. You should also remember to release the pressure after passing the sprayed area. The two spraying tactics ensure neatness and uniformity are attained.

The color to be sprayed on your vehicle is well outlined in the manufacturer’s guide. Adhere to this so as to get the original view of your car. If you use the wrong color, a discrepancy will be easily noticed. Before you spray the paint, use several filer and primer coats.

  1. Using a repair kit for a car paint

All the necessary tools and accessories that you need to clean and service a chip are found here. Having such accessories will cut a lot of garage expenditures. Some of the things in the kit include the following;

  • Bob eliminator
  • Chip cleaning solution
  • Brush
  • Sealant
  • A microfiber cloth


Follow the above guidelines and you will never use the money to pay for a mechanic to repair car chips. This is minor damage that can be managed at home provided you have all the required tools and accessories. The knowledge on How to Paint Metal Materials is an added advantage as a high degree of perfection will be attained. Ensure that you are not left out as others do repairs on their own. Try the above key things and experience the fascinating feeling of doing it by yourself.

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