Car Hoisting: 7 Tips for Safe Operations

Do you own a garage workshop? Do you have or plan to install an engine hoist? Do you know how to operate a car hoist? If your answers are yes, yes, and no, this article will give you a few tips on how you can utilize a car hoist safely.

Car hoist makes car maintenance and repairs effortless and time-saving. However, you must admit that using a car hoist has some risk to it. If you or your staff do not know how to use a hoist, you might find yourself digging deeper into your pockets to cover damages or worse; cover medical bills. Learning and understanding how a car hoist works and how to operate one safely can save you a lot of troubles.

To help you out, below are seven tips on ownership and usage of a car hoist.

1. Avoid purchasing used car hoists

It is almost impossible to know if the previous owner of the car hoist took care of the equipment well. The risk of buying a cheap second hoist is not worth it. A poorly maintained used car hoist puts you at risk of malfunctions that could lead to injury and, or monetary losses.

2. Make sure to engage safety features before using your hoist

Today’s car hoists come with modern safety like anti-sway blocks, wheel chocks, and arm restraints. You need to engage these safety features before you begin to work.

3. Do not exceed the maximum hoist lift capacity

Car hoists have a maximum lift capacity. Never use your hoist to lift heavier vehicles than its lift capacity. The risk is not worth it. Before hoisting any vehicle, try to know it’s weight and if the total weight exceeds your car hoist’s lift capacity. Lifting a heavy vehicle even for a short time might send you back to the car hoist shop or the hospital emergency wing. Lift within your hoist’s limits.

4. Choose a suitable and stable spot for installation

You need a stable and concrete base to install your car hoist. Station your hoist on a less crowded spot in your garage.

5. Choose a hoist with few or no pinch points

Look for manufacturers that create car hoist designs that do not have pinch points. Pinch points are annoying and can course damage to your garage or cause injury to you or your staff.

6. Car hoists with automatic safety locks are the best

The automatic safety lock feature locks the hoist as you lift a car. This protects the car from sudden free falls that might be caused by component malfunctions.

7. Service your car hoist regularly

After a busy weak, you should service your car hoist to keep it in good working conditions. Inspect and carry out maintenance regularly depending on frequently you use your lift. Certain hoists such as engine hoists require frequent checkups than others.
A car hoist will make your work easier and save you a lot of time and money. Alternatively, it can do the opposite if you lack the knowledge and skill of how to use a car hoist safely. Avoid taking risks and follow these steps and safely work on cars using your car hoist with no worries.

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