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Save More Money by Bundling Home and Car Insurance

Bundling, also known as an insurance bundle, simply means that a customer has two insurance products from one insurance company. It usually provides you with lesser money to spend on plans, but not most of the time. Due to that, you should also be careful when choosing the kind of insurance policy that is best for you.

What exactly are the pros and cons of bundling insurance policy?

Before you decide to apply for a home and car insurance bundle, it is better to know about the benefits as well as the downsides of bundling. They’re as follows:


  • The bundling reduction usually ranges from 5 to 25 percent for each policy.
  • If you made car insurance claims or got authorizations, bundling your insurance reduces the possibilities that your insurance company will let go of you.
  • An insurance representative can conduct an analysis of your home insurance and car insurance in a single session, and you can normally access them in a single platform.


  • It would be less expensive if you apply and buy insurance from a separate insurance company, especially if your car insurance costs are high.
  • Bundling doesn’t encourage shopping for a price which means that it is easier for your insurance company to increase the expenses until you are already paying excessively.
  • There are some bundling policies that are not really bundled. Some car insurance companies may refer you up to another associated company for your home insurance. This means that you won’t be able to choose your own insurance company and you will also experience the hassle of not being able to pay your bills in a single transaction.

What You Should Further Know About Bundling Home and Car Insurance

Almost all insurance companies don’t restrict bundle policies in home and car insurance. They offer an opportunity for the number of policies with different reductions or discounts.

Bigger policies get a higher discount percentage. Since houses have a higher value than cars, discounts on home insurance are usually higher. Therefore, you can save more money in bundling if your house has higher insurance compared to your low car insurance.

If you want to be sure if you will apply for a bundle or not, you should compare the different amounts you would spend in a bundled insurance policy and separate insurance policy. Whatever is cheaper, you should preferably choose that one.

Moreover, bundle policies mostly want you to stick with one insurer. There is a term called “price optimization” which regularly inches up the costs on policy renewal but not too much that you will be frustrated by it.

Final Tips on Bundling

  • Compare rates for bundling policies from different insurance companies or talk to an agent. An agent who solely works for one insurance company can provide you with discounts.
  • Inquire if the insurance company would associate you with another company for it. While you would pay less, it will be inconvenient for you to make transactions for two insurance companies at the same time.

Frequently check the rates of separate and bundled insurance policies so that you could compare them and choose which one is the best for you.

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