Changing Key Battery for Nissan Proximity Key

Steps on Changing Key Battery for Nissan Proximity Key

Moving back to 1911, Nissan was founded under a different name: Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works. Three years after the company was formed, their first car, the DAT, was produced. The car name reflected as an acronym of the investing partners’ last names. For years, they continuously changed their company name until they settled for Nissan Motor Company in 1934.

Since then, Nissan has been part of the car business game and is still classified as one of the best car companies. Just like any other transportation systems, Lynch Nissan of Auburn also underwent a series of upgrades to provide convenience for both drivers and riders. Recently, they have switched their car key into a teardrop shape instead of the usual bulky one for the past years.

Car Key Made More Vulnerable

As the key looks slimmer in shape and more automated, changing its battery on the Nissan proximity key becomes a fragile process due to the fact that it’s easier to damage it. This has proven to be true when some owners are having difficulties in opening them, causing them to be broken or damaged upon sending to the shop for changing the key batteries.

Manually changing your own key battery for your Nissan proximity key is possible by following the necessary steps that will be discussed below.

Here are the materials you need for that:

  • A screwdriver that matches perfectly with the slot. Smaller or bigger ones tend to damage the keys.
  • CR 2025 battery, preferably from well-known brands like Duracell, Panasonic, Maxell, and Sony.

Step-by-step Procedure:

  1. Remove the key blade by sliding the catch that is located on the rear part of the key and pulling the key loop.
  2. Locate the slot and once found, insert the screwdriver. Choosing the perfect fit is important so as not to damage the slot.
  3. Continue turning the screwdriver until you hear a click. Once done, use the screwdriver to open it up completely.
  4. After opening, divide the battery into two halves. Insert the CR 2025 battery with the positive terminal facing down.
  5. Once the battery has been placed, put the key back and substitute the emergency blade.
  6. Changing the battery ensures that your Nissan Proximity key will work perfectly. However, if it doesn’t work as it should, the keys will need to be programmed with the use of diagnostic equipment – go directly to Nissan to have it configured or a third-party auto locksmith.

The steps aforementioned must be thoroughly followed in order to keep the keys functional. If not, this will only cause your car to fail starting.


The screwdriver used in opening the slot of the Nissans key must match together to avoid breaking the key. Upon hearing the click sound, the rear part is opened completely to replace the old battery with a new one (the CR 2025 specifically). After, it must be closed back and have the emergency blade substituted. If it doesn’t work well after the replacement process, it must be programmed by Nissan or any auto locksmith.

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