Jeep —The Hottest American Brand in Japan?

Japanese drivers are well known for their trademark loyalty to Japanese cars. It’s difficult to find a Japanese resident driving a car that wasn’t manufactured by a company from their home country.  This is why you can find cool accessories that JK owners must have in japan easily.

The idea is that Japanese car companies know best what Japanese people need. Cars made for consumers in Japan are tailor-made to attend to the needs posed by living in the country.

Providing for these needs is something American car brands seem to struggle with. The majority of American car sales in Japan are attributed to the purchase of exotic cars and high-end models. Time and time again, American brands have failed to become the Japanese consumers’ car of choice for everyday use. Ford has even completely pulled out of this Asian country’s market for failing to entice customers and move a significant enough number of units in the past even after introducing the Mustang.

This is what makes Jeep’s popularity in Japan so surprising and impressive. In 2017, they managed to move 6,344 units; a number that is several miles away from their number one competitor from the United States, Chevy, an American car brand from Detroit who only managed to sell 373 vehicles within the same span of time.

Units such as the Renegade and the Wrangler are some of the brand’s most successful Jeeps in Japan. These models are compact, which makes them easy to move through narrow roads. However, is this the only reason that Japan likes Jeep so much? Definitely not.

Jeep’s success in Japan can be attributed to a number of factors. One of the biggest contributors to their success is their incredibly active marketing in the country. The brand has taken extensive measures to ensure that they cater specifically to the Japanese market. Jeep’s units that are made for the Japanese market are available to be bought in right-hand drive, they make Japanese navigation systems available to consumers, and drivetrains are even customizable for meeting incentives given to eco-cars.

Jeep doesn’t simply manufacture the same old cars and send them all to Japan, blindly hoping that the Japanese people will respond positively to their product. They are proactive in their approach to car manufacturing and incredibly interactive with the Japanese market. They have done their research and done the legwork, they have studied the market well and figured out how to make and sell cars more efficiently, and their efforts are clearly paying off. They pay attention to the smallest, most crucial details, even installing foldable side mirrors, which are essential and incredibly useful for parking spots that are tight—many of which are found all over Japan.

The Japanese market has responded very positively to Jeep’s efforts to cater to them and their specific needs. The American brand’s attention to detail and impeccable ability to adjust to the needs of their customers have put them on top. They beat every other American car brand in the race for success in the Japanese market—an achievement that is hardly negligible and incredibly impressive.

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